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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the flavorful truth...featuring the "THANKFUL BIRD"

Posted by: Chef Ricky Moore on Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at 12:00:00 am Comments (1)

Hello everyone, it is that time of the year again...THANKSGIVING! As you are the one responsible for the meal this year, keep in mind to plan ahead, stay organized and get everyone involved in the cooking of the meal. If I could use an example of a historical reference, that is how the first Thanksgiving was born. Everyone had a role in the preparing of the meal, but the most symbolic and obviously purpose was to give thanks.

Now let talk food. Here are a couple of items I'd like to share with you as you are preparing your dishes

1) Make sure your oven is always preheated

2) After you have seasoned or brined your turkey make sure the bird is at room temperature

3) When preparing your stuffing or dressing whether it is inside or outside the bird ensure it is the consistency of "wet sand" before you cook it, as that is a good measure to ensure your stuffing or dressing will be moist


5) THE GOOD GRAVY is the "rock star" accompaniment. It is the vehicle that brings the whole meal together. Successful gravy happens when you have a good turkey stock, you collect all of the turkey's pan dripping and what you use to thicken it to achieve the smooth consistency.

Right now I am baking a cake for my daughter HUNTER. It is a BANANA CAKE with NUTELLA CREAM CHEESE FROSTING (these are some of her favorite flavors) and what I know and want to share with you are the most important tools to have while preparing your holiday desserts and sweets: TIMER and RUBBER SPATULA.

Ok...I have to take my cake out of the oven, the timer is going off...see you in the kitchen.