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the flavorful truth

Posted by: Chef Ricky Moore on Sunday, September 19, 2010 at 12:00:00 am

Welcome! My name is Ricky...cook, entrepreneur, foodie and student of all things culinary.  The is my first crack at writing a blog, so I will do what I do best...freestyle a little.

Just to give you an introduction, history and meaning of the name of my blog "THE FLAVORFUL TRUTH" it comes from all of my time spend being a cook, craftsman, chef and a lover of food.  Throughout my personal and professional travel I have found that I am always in search of authentic flavorful food.  Soulful cooking that is without pretense or fluff.  Essentially THE FLAVORFUL TRUTH is my truth, the way I have experienced and enjoyed food, dining and cooking.

Many of my future topics will be centered around family, friends and my colleagues past and future, recipes, cooking techniques, dining adventures and travel.

Thanks for reading and now it time to cook Sunday Supper.  On the menu...Backyard Smoked Whole Chicken, Late Summer Corn Gnudi and Local Kale Stewed in Olive Oil, Candied Black Garlic, Vinegar and Roasted Chiles.


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